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Peggy Ramon is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Science and Human Sciences from Texas A&M University-Kingsville, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in nutrition from Texas State University. Throughout her experience, she trained with highly specialized physicians and dietitians in the areas of diabetes, kidney disease and weight management. Ms. Ramon helps people find freedom from diets and chronic health conditions through the power of real food. Through her guidance, you will be given recipe ideas, delicious yet nutritious choices from a variety of wholesome options that will lead you on a path to a healthy way of life.

Growing up in a traditional Latino family, Peggy realized how Mexican food and customs can be a special part of many people’s lives, especially living in South Texas.  However, various delicacies in past customs involve foods that can be high in saturated fat, cholesterol and refined sugar.  When both of Peggy’s grandfathers, grandmother, and father struggled with diabetes, she witnessed the emotional and physical effects they faced. Like many people diagnosed with diabetes, her family members often times had great difficulty changing their diet and learning to adjust to practices that could prolong their life.  Peggy felt it was extremely important to find a balance between foods everyone can enjoy, while maintaining a healthy weight and well-being.

After years of study, working with people of various backgrounds, eating habits, illnesses, and different injuries, she decided to teach others how nutrition should be a priority.  She has developed many different meal plans to help people who are on the go, or those with families and demanding schedules. Ms. Ramon has created wholesome options for students, athletes, those desiring to lose weight, and manage a transition into a healthy lifestyle.

PR Nutrition Consulting will provide you with the knowledge and tips you need to make your body function at its optimal capability. Food can still be an enjoyable part of life’s celebrations and customs, but learning to make variations in cooking and meal choices can be a difference in your quality of life and how you feel about yourself, not just your waistline!

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  • I want to thank Peggy for helping me with my A1C as I recently discovered I had diabetes. In three months she was able to help me get it from a 10 which is very high to a 4.9 that is excellent. I thank God for her and to the medicines that got me to my goal, but I give credit to her diet plan and meals that changed me all together. I give her a big thumbs up.

    Carlos Pena
  • After seeing how happy my parents were with the meals I finally asked how affordable it was. I was very surprised to learn eating healthy was possible with my budget. My diet has been garbage since leaving the military and doing jobs that involved long odd hours. I've always been in a struggle with lack of time/money when it came to eating healthy. My idea of "portion control" and "dieting" was skipping meals and eating until I was full. Now though, eating well is affordable and delicious!

    Rob Zepeda III
  • My experience with Ms. Peggy has been a great one and I'm glad to have been able to meet her. I found her very knowledgeable, especially when she explained to me about what kind of food I can eat and how to check them. Ms. Peggy was attentive and passionate when it came to nutrition, especially the kind that are healthy and good. She answered any questions I had and my family had as well. I have been eating much healthier and better ever since my visit with Ms. Peggy. Before I would eat junk food that wasn't good for my health.

    J. Sanchez