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These touching and highly motivating testimonials* are proof of the significant impact that Ms. Peggy has had on the lives of many people. With dignity and emotion, the following men and women have agreed to share their story and their lives with us.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everyone who shared their stories. There is nothing more rewarding for us than knowing that we have helped you improve not only your physical appearance, but above all your self-esteem and perhaps even your overall health.

Your testimonials* are extremely valuable and we are very pleased and honored that PR Nutrition Consulting is now part of your life and

  • I want to thank Peggy for helping me with my A1C as I recently discovered I had diabetes. In three months she was able to help me get it from a 10 which is very high to a 4.9 that is excellent. I thank God for her and to the medicines that got me to my goal, but I give credit to her diet plan and meals that changed me all together. I give her a big thumbs up.

    Carlos Pena
  • After seeing how happy my parents were with the meals I finally asked how affordable it was. I was very surprised to learn eating healthy was possible with my budget. My diet has been garbage since leaving the military and doing jobs that involved long odd hours. I've always been in a struggle with lack of time/money when it came to eating healthy. My idea of "portion control" and "dieting" was skipping meals and eating until I was full. Now though, eating well is affordable and delicious!

    Rob Zepeda III
  • My experience with Ms. Peggy has been a great one and I'm glad to have been able to meet her. I found her very knowledgeable, especially when she explained to me about what kind of food I can eat and how to check them. Ms. Peggy was attentive and passionate when it came to nutrition, especially the kind that are healthy and good. She answered any questions I had and my family had as well. I have been eating much healthier and better ever since my visit with Ms. Peggy. Before I would eat junk food that wasn't good for my health.

    J. Sanchez
  • "Peggy has helped me turn my life around completely. In August 2014, before I went to see Peggy, I had gone to my family doctor to see if I had a thyroid issue because I felt terrible and my weight was at 203. My back would hurt badly when I would get up in the morning and would to walk hunched over. I had a total lack of energy. My feet would turn red and swell while standing. I felt like I had bricks in my stomach when I ate what I thought was a normal meal. I didn’t have a thyroid issue, but my cholesterol was in the 300’s. My family doctor just gave me some pills that were to curb my appetite and more pills to lower my BAD cholesterol (that I never took). The diet pills helped curb my appetite for the first month. I lost 11 pounds, but the 2nd month, my weight actually started to climb right back up. I didn’t go back to my family doctor any more after that. In November, I went to my first meeting with Peggy. She went through the serving sizes and the meals and snacks. She customized a meal plan for me, which was a demanding task because I don’t like eggs, a crucial protein element. We managed to find a way around the egg issue and I feel full and satisfied all the time. I felt like I am eating all day, even though I am on a 1200 calorie diet. It paid off, the weight loss was slow but steady at the very beginning, but being the Holidays, as long as I didn’t gain any, I was happy. I didn’t start exercising until January, because my exercise plan was to go to the park and walk. Well it was always cold and rainy, so that never happened. Then Peggy introduced me to a short but sweet exercise program, from then on the inches started to melt off. I lost 4 1/2 inches off my hips, and 3 inches from my waist. My back pain is gone. My energy level is amazing, even on my days off, i automatically wake up early and workout. I am NOW A SIZE 9 from a SIZE 16! I am still not at my goal weight but I’m getting there, My current weight is 166. Peggy is always there to help my modify my eating plan, and answer my many questions. I am no longer in pain when I wake up in the morning. I never have the heavy feeling after I eat, and I am able to fit into cute outfits that I would have never been able to fit into being my original weight. Even my feet are slimming down, and NO MORE RED SWOLLEN FEET! I changed the way my whole family eats, and not a single complaint has come from my 3 kids or husband. I save a lot of money on food because before we ate out A LOT!! Now I cook easy, healthy,delicious meals at home. Peggy even printed out great meal ideas for me. We still eat our family favorite tacos for dinner, but they’re 99% lean turkey tacos on warm corn tortillas, not fired tortillas. We eat brown rice, instead of plain white. I incorporate plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables into our daily eating habits. Not only did the change in my eating habits help me, but it has helped teach my kids that eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland or boring! Peggy, you are a life saver and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! "

    A. Abrego
    A. Abrego Mission, Tx